Recognizing the Need For A Divorce

Recognizing the Need For A Divorce

Transitioning Into Single Parenthood After Your Divorce

Jackson Robinson

Becoming a single parent after a divorce can be quite an obstacle for any mother or father. This is a huge life change that impacts both you and your children. You may feel embarrassed or hesitant to reach out for help or admit how hard things are. But the truth is that many single parents struggle as they adjust to their new routines. Consider the tips below in order to make things a bit easier for you.

Check Out Free Resources For Single Parents

  • Look for 'Parent's Day Out' groups in your area. Many community centers, schools, and churches offer 'Parent's Day Out' events for mothers and fathers. This can give you a few hours of free time to relax or take care of important tasks. 

  • Explore online forums for single parenting discussions. Are you feeling lonely or helpless with this whole single parenting thing? Talk with other single moms and dads to vent, seek advice, and more. There are plenty of free online forums where you can chat with other single parents.

  • Read literature about how to handle single parenting. There is a ton of literature about single parenting, and this does not just include books. Facebook groups and blogs for single mothers and fathers are becoming more accessible thanks to social media. You can even use the search functions on such platforms to locate local groups of like-minded parents.

Do Not Hesitate To Seek Assistance

  • Hiring a childcare provider. When you become a single parent, your entire schedule may change. Consider hiring a babysitter or exploring your options for daycare. Even if it is just part-time care, it can make a world of difference to have some assistance.

  • Reach out to friends and family members. Divorce can cause people to feel ashamed at times; you may feel like you cannot tell your loved ones that you are struggling. However, it can be incredibly helpful and even therapeutic to reach out to family and friends. From a simple venting session to asking them to watch your child, you can get help from people who care about you.

Run Any Major Decisions By Your Divorce Attorney

As you can see, you have many options for guidance, help, and assistance during your journey into single parenting. You are not alone during this difficult transition, though it does take some time to adjust. However, it is important to run any major changes or decisions by your divorce attorney.

For example, talk to your lawyer if you are considering changing childcare providers. You may be required to seek your former spouse's input on decisions like this. Additionally, certain decisions may impact things like alimony, child support payments, and so on. Consult with an experienced divorce attorney, such as Blumenauer Hackworth,  to ensure your decisions as a single parent are legally sound.  


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Recognizing the Need For A Divorce

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