Recognizing the Need For A Divorce

Recognizing the Need For A Divorce

3 Circumstances Where You Should Get A Prenuptial Agreement

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As you prepare to get married the last thing you want to be thinking about is divorcing. However, since almost half of marriages will end in divorce it is important to be realistic about the chances of your marriage ending in divorce. One of the best ways to protect yourself is to get a prenuptial agreement. Not all situations will require a prenuptial agreement, but there are some circumstances where they are highly advised. Here are a couple situations where you should definitely get a prenuptial agreement.

1. You Have Children From A Previous Relationship

One important reason to get a prenuptial agreement is to protect children from a previous relationship. When you get married you and your spouse will share everything jointly. This means that if you wanted to keep money or funds aside for your children it could become difficult. Especially if you have things like college funds and savings accounts that are set up for them.

By getting a prenuptial agreement it will protect your children. That way if the relationship with your spouse doesn't last, it doesn't hurt their future.

2. You Have A Good Deal Of Wealth Before Marrying

Another reason to get a prenuptial agreement is if you have a money and wealth on your own. Once you get married you will share everything. This doesn't necessarily mean that you can't keep your bank accounts separate, but legally everything that you have will be shared with your spouse. If you divorce they will most likely go through and split the estate completely in half.

If you brought in a good deal of wealth to the marriage, it would be fair for you to get that when the marriage ends. You don't want to lose everything in the divorce, which is why having a prenuptial agreement is ideal.

In addition, you should get a prenuptial agreement if you have a large inheritance. In some cases the parents don't specify if it goes to both spouse and child, or just their child. If you aren't careful your spouse could have claim to your inheritance if the marriage doesn't last.

3. If You Suspect Infidelity

Although you would hope that your spouse would never be unfaithful. If you get a prenuptial agreement you can put stipulations in their about fidelity. If your spouse or you is not faithful the victim spouse will get more.

These are just a couple circumstances where you should consider getting a prenuptial agreement. Contact a business, such as Margit M. Hicks, PA Attorney at Law, for more information.   


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