Recognizing the Need For A Divorce

Recognizing the Need For A Divorce

  • Divorcing Before Your Teen Heads Off To College? What Should You Consider?

    If you and your spouse have recently made the difficult decision to separate after decades of marriage, you may be wondering how best to protect your financial future while also keeping the well-being of your children in the forefront. When college is just around the corner for your teen, splitting households (and costs) can quickly become more complicated. What should you keep in mind if you're divorcing just before your child heads off to college?

  • The Importance Of Establishing Paternity For Your Child

    Whether you're the mother or the father, establishing paternity for a child conveys certain rights and responsibilities that wouldn't exist without solid evidence. Understanding how this impacts your existing rights and what additional responsibilities you have as a result will help you avoid running afoul of custodial laws. While this impacts mothers and fathers differently, it's a good idea to look at both sides of the equation. The Mother's Perspective

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    Recognizing the Need For A Divorce

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